10 Key Indicators Your Loved One Might Be Ready For Assisted Living Care


10 Key Indicators Your Loved One Might Be Ready For Assisted Living Care

Recognizing the Important Warning Signs

At Assisted Living Locators of Northern Virginia, we frequently receive calls from family members who are uncertain as to whether their loved one should move into an assisted living community. While they generally have suspicions that there is cause for concern, their loved one consistently assures them that their worry is unnecessary, and of course, they want to believe that is the case, but it would help if they could accurately identify some of the warning signs. To assist you in this effort, here are a few indicators that your loved one might need assisted living care.

  1. Lack of housekeeping, e.g., spoiled food is not being properly disposed of; dirty dishes are accumulating; and/or the home is being left in a disorderly manner.
  2. Bills are overdue or in collections because they are not being paid on time.
  3. Driving has become difficult, or it has become unsafe for them to drive due to frequent occurrences of them getting lost in familiar surroundings, and/or multiple accidents or moving violations in a short period of time.
  4. Necessary household maintenance is being left undone; lawn care is not being completed; and/or mail is not being retrieved or opened.
  5. Difficulty navigating their own home and/or frequent falls.
  6. Personal hygiene is lacking, e.g., unwashed clothing is being worn multiple times, or there is a strong body odor or urine smell.
  7. Poor diet and/or drastic weight loss.
  8. Uncharacteristic decision-making with routine tasks, such as turning off the stove after cooking or leaving water running after washing hands.
  9. Improper medication management, e.g., forgetting to take medications on time or taking the wrong medication dosage.
  10. Disinterest in formerly enjoyed hobbies, social events, and/or activities.

Staying aware of these types of warning signs is a crucial part of recognizing a troubling situation early and keeping your loved one safe. Discussing assisted living with your loved one may not be an easy conversation to have, but it might be a necessary one, and it is better to have that talk sooner rather than later. Want to learn more? Check out this informative US News article.

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