Is It Time To Find Assisted Living? Senior Care Information During COVID


Is It Time To Find Assisted Living? Senior Care Information During COVID

The past year has been lonely and frightening for many seniors and their families. Many postponed a move into assisted living in 2020 due to concerns about COVID-19. Seniors who are isolated at home have missed many of their favorite activities – like enjoying meals with family and friends, volunteering or attending worship services – in an effort to stay safe.

But now, with the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine, it’s time to rethink your options. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has recommended that those living and working in assisted living communities should have top priority. As federal and state authorities roll out the distribution of the vaccine, anyone living in an assisted living community will have the option of getting the vaccination.

Incoming residents, too, may also have priority access to the vaccine, if the new resident commits to a move-in before each community’s assigned clinic dates.

Bottom line: those who choose to move into senior living will likely get the vaccine sooner than they would have otherwise, had they remained at home. But the “window” of time available for receiving the vaccine through the community may be limited.

If you’ve been considering assisted living near you, don’t put off the decision any longer. I’m here to carefully analyze factors such as medical needs, lifestyle choices, location, activities of daily living, and more to find the right plan and senior living choices for you and your senior. Call me to today at 703-878-7870 to take the next step!

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